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Yorkie Questions & Answers

Here you will find some of the most popular articles that answer some common questions about the Yorkshire Terrier breed. These involve both behavior and health issues. If you have a particular question and want to suggest a topic for us to write about, be sure to become a free Member of the site. When you do, you will be able to submit a suggestion.

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If your Yorkie's behavior is off and you know that something is not right, but you can't pinpoint what it is, this article will be of help. 

The quick answer is yes. Though many sources list the Yorkie as a completely hypoallergenic breed, this is not accurate. Having hair and not fur does not fully rule out the possibility of having a reaction to a dog. Read common signs and steps you can take to resolve this without having to find a new home for your Yorkie.

There are some common reasons why this breed may develop bad breath. This article lists why this can happen, home remedies and red flags that point to a larger issue.

This is a common question, both when an owner wonders if this breed needs bones once in a while to chew on, and also if a Yorkie eats a bone (either accidentally or if a visitors unknowingly gives one. 

It is very disheartening to have to watch a Yorkie struggle to push out a bowel movement. And the longer this goes untreated, the worse it can get. Read about how to treat and prevent this from happening. 

Though this tiny toy breed does not need that many calories to maintain his weight, a Yorkie should be eating 3 small meals a day. Top reasons for decreased appetite and answers about what you can do to encourage eating. 

Many owners are baffled by how odors can seem to appear soon after a bath or be hard to pinpoint. This articles answers all of the possible reasons why a Yorkshire Terrier may have a bad odor emitting from him and how to fix it. 
Yorkie wearing camo harness

This is a good question for all owners to ask themselves. Toy breeds can receive quite terrible injury to the neck when on leash and collar. You'll find that if you obtain the right harness, that is easy to put on and is comfortable,t that your Yorkie will love it and be safe on leash at the same time.

This can be troubling. Fortunately, in most cases this is easily and quickly resolved. Very rarely will this point to a serious health issue. 
This is an important question, because what a Yorkshire Terrier eats for snacks is just as important as his main meals. In addition, dental treats are vital for this breed due to being prone to dental decay. Top recommendations for wholesome fresh food and store-bought. 
Yorkie in flannel shirt

Finding cute outfits that fit this tiny breed is not always easy. However, we've rounded up some of the most adorable that are available in XXS and XS. Also, valid reasons why clothing is warranted and how this can help your puppy or dog feel comfortable and tolerate the weather. 
When you adopt an older Yorkie that has lived through some rough times, there are some steps to take to make the transition easier. 

Common issues seen and ways to help a Yorkie realize that he is safe. 

Some Yorkshire Terriers can be rather timid. And though a dog should never be pushed into situations, taking the time to help your Yorkie come out of his shell will be best for him in the long run. How to help build self-confidence, so a dog can truly shine. 
two Yorkies sleeping together
Most Yorkies do very well with other dogs. However, during the initial meet and for the first few weeks, there are things that you can do to help both dogs adjust. This includes having separate areas for some things, knowing how to handle 'contagious' barking, and making the order of hierarchy clear. 
Yorkies in a car seat
It's not uncommon for Yorkies to develop motion sickness when being driven. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help including giving certain snacks such as dry or herbal treats (cinnamon, ginger), and making changes to both air temperature and flow. Read the top 5 tips. 
Yorkie in a bike basket
Taking your puppy or dogs for walks is vital for good health. So, if your Yorkshire Terrier plants himself down and refuses to walk, or stops every other moment to sniff around, these training tips can quickly resolve this. 
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