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Yorkshire Terrier Clothes


Clothes for a Yorkshire Terrier goes way beyond simply making your dog look cute (though this is certainly one of the results). Rather, certain clothing is both functional and needed in many cases. If you are looking for extra small clothing such as sweaters, shirt and tiny coats that actually fits a Yorkie puppy or dog, you should find this section to be helpful.
Yorkshire Terrier dress
Dresses can serve 2 purposes: Warmth and looking cute for special occations.
Princess Kiara, at 8 years old
Photo courtesy of Teresa
Yorkie in green shirt
A soft, quality shirt sizes for tiny dogs can be just the thing to keep a Yorkie feeling warm & comfortable.
Oliver Wellington, at 4 years old
Photo courtesy of Lex & Rick
Yorkie in orange sweater
When the weather is turning chilly, a soft knit sweater helps the single-coated Yorkie stay nice and warm.
Nora Beebee Emmons, at 2.5 years old
Photo courtesy of Amy and Dwight Emmons
Yorkshire Terrier Red Sweater
A cotton top like this one is perfect for autumn and early spring.
Bear, at 6 years old
Photo courtesy of Jill
Yorkie in red and blue shirt
A shirt like this is perfect for all seasons.
Kelvin,, at 20 months old
Photo courtesy of Edward and Ava James
Yorkshire Terrier bathing suit
A bathing suit for a Yorkie is not a necessity; this is purely for fun but this little one is proud to wear it!
Princess Kiara, at 8 years old
Photo courtesy of Teresa
Yorkie in flannel shirt
Ready for autumn
Truffle at 2.5 years old
Photo courtesy of Deborah Marsh 
clothes for male Yorkie
A warm vest/harness
Major, at 11 weeks old
Photo courtesy of Ricka Spikes
Yorkie in tiny pink sweater
Many Yorkies love to wear knit sweaters
Harper Grace, at 2 years old
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Fairchild

Valid Reasons for Putting Clothes on a Yorkie

The most relevant element is to keep the puppy or dog warm. This should not be overlooked by owners. There are several reasons why this breed tends to get chilly:

1) Toy dogs often have a low tolerance for the cold; this can be in the winter or year-round
2) This breed carry very little excess fat that would normally insulate the body
3) Yorkies have a single coat of hair as opposed to a double coat of fur that many other breeds have

For these reasons, many Yorkies suffer from shivers and shakes, due to feeling cold even if their humans feel just fine. When you factor elements such as walking outside when it's cold out or chilly spots in the house (we must remember that dogs are often down on the floor; since heat rises the floor is the chilliest part of the house), this warrants placing clothing on the Yorkshire Terrier to add a layer of warmth and comfort.

Since feeling comfortable is such a huge part of feeling relaxed and happy, most Yorkies tend to feel much more secure when they have a little sweater or shirt on. 

Extra Benefits of Clothing for Yorkies

Security - In addition to clothing functioning to help a Yorkshire Terrier maintain body temperature, extra security can be gained by some Yorkies due to the feeling of the clothes and not just the warmth that they provide. If you are familiar with 'thunder vests', these are close-fitting vests or shirts, meant to fit as a wrap to keep a dog calm during times of high stress, such as thunderstorms. 

They can also be used at other times such as being within hearing distance of a firework display; and though they are marketed to be used for separation anxiety, we do not recommend them for that purpose since that would require long-term wear of a close fitting piece of clothing. 

However, they work similar to how a baby is swaddled and this works quite well for many dogs. When you place clothing on a Yorkie, though it should not fit as tightly as a stress-reducer vest, the very element of feeling soft fabric over and around the chest and back can help a Yorkie feel safe and often, calmer. 

Extra cuteness factor = surprise benefit - Of course, when you place clothing on your Yorkshire Terrier, an added benefit is that he or she is going to look extra cute. But this results in something often unexpected... During the holidays, at family gatherings or when attending other events, often there is more chaos and commotion; this can leave closely bonded dogs like the Yorkie to feel a bit left out. 

So, one benefit of clothing that many owners do not realize until it happens, is that when a Yorkie is dressed up for an event and looking extra cuddly, he is getting more attention.  

Dogs are very aware of when they are gaining that extra attention; and this does not just refer to verbal recognition or being petted; canines are quite remarkable at picking up non-verbal cues including facial expressions and body language. Being admired, even passively, can be just the thing to allow a Yorkie to feel special and confident. 

Choosing the Best Clothes for the Right Times 

Here is what you may consider for your own Yorkie, based on his needs and the environment:

Shirts - Shirts are very functional, as they are easy to place on, are thin enough to be very well tolerated for Yorkies that are not used to wearing clothes, are great for all season, both indoors and out. 

Vests - Vests are fantastic for helping a Yorkie maintaining his core body temperature since it wraps around the chest & back, without leg covering that some (certainly not all) Yorkies may find distracting. Vests are great for chilly or cold days in the fall and winter.

Sweaters and thick shirts - Really a necessity for many adults but certainly for young puppies and senior Yorkshire Terriers that struggle to stay warm; sweaters and thick shirts provide what this breed's single coat cannot: A warm, comfortable extra layer.
warm clothing for Yorkie
Bear, dressed up in super warm clothing
Photos courtesy of Alexandra Goldy
Coats & Jackets - These are reserved for winter days that are below freezing and days with cold rain. Waterproof is a good option for those living in areas that receive heavy snow and/or sleet. 

Finding Clothes Small Enough to Fit a Yorkshire Terrier

One of the challenges about finding great clothes for a Yorkie is that this is a super tiny breed. And often, you'll spot a really cute top or sweater, only to find out that it's just sized too big for this breed that is typically 3 to 7 pounds and only 6-9 inches (floor to withers). 

Many brands will claim to offer 'extra small', yet those fit dogs much larger, 10 pounds or so. Therefore, the trick is to find quality clothes that are actually sized for very tiny dogs. 

Here are the top recommendations for clothing that fits most Yorkies perfectly:

Clothing Tips

  • Even if you find a really cute top for your Yorkie, it not worth buying unless it is a quality piece of clothing; otherwise, your Yorkie will only be able to wear it a few times. It's better to invest in 3 to 5 quality items that will last than getting a huge pile that will be stretched out, worn out or ripped.
  • Treat your Yorkie's clothes just like you do for your own. Read cleaning instructions and wash with a premium laundry detergent. Most of all, pay strict attention to drying instructions. Most sweaters should be air dried.
  • Wash shirts and sweaters after they are worn 4 to 5 times; if not, they will start to get smelly (winter coats can be washed very 6 weeks or so). Canines naturally have body oils that slowly secrete. This is why it's important to bathe a Yorkie every 3 weeks, regardless of how clean he may appear. 
If clothing is not washed, those oils will soak into the fabric and start to get stinky. If your Yorkie has a particular piece of clothing that he loves and gets upset when you take it away to wash it, you may want to consider obtaining two of them, so one can be worn while the other is laundered.
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