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The YorkieInfoCenter Book- Version 4

Yorkshire Terrier Complete Guide


We are proud to offer the only Yorkshire Terrier book that you will ever need.

We've seen what others offer and we've worked very hard to create the most comprehensive, helpful book to guide you through every topic and issue regarding your Yorkie.

You'll be happy to know that finally, there's a book that covers it all. And it's only available exclusively here on our website.

This is THE book to own: donate the others, never have to search for another one again.
Print Book (8.5x11" soft cover)

Features in this Book:

• Focused to present intensely detailed care information for the Yorkie owner who is looking for effective guidance for all steps of their Yorkie's life. 

 • An in-depth look at Yorkshire Terrier Intelligence and steps you can take to allow your Yorkie to live to his/her potential. 

 • 24 Yorkshire Terrier specific Behavioral Chapters - Perfect detailing of Yorkshire Terrier behavior with detailed training for each quirk. What is normal and what is not.

 • 34 Yorkshire Terrier specific Health Chapters - Understand Yorkshire Terrier physical wellness to take excellent care of your and as he or she grows older. Save time and money by knowing how to diagnose, treatment you can give at home (exact home remedies are given) and when you must bring your Yorkie to the veterinarian.

• An Exemplary Separation Anxiety Chapter, covering every single possible scenario, with step-by-step guidelines. If followed, your Yorkie will become a confident, independent dog that can handle being alone.

 • Super Helpful, Step-by-Step guide for all Socialization Training (a book-within-a-book)- With dogs (both "known" and "unknown"), visitors, strangers, and situations. Such a wonderful, perfect guide for building self-confidence and restraint, allowing a Yorkie to be social, very well-behaved and happy!

 • Full and complete grooming details..,bathing, drying, brushing, nails, trims, eyes, ears, skin, coat and full & complete dental care details. Your Yorkie will be looking perfect!

 • Extremely detailed house-training and command training, with photos to explain and step-by-step guidelines to follow....How to deal with nighttime issues, when home alone... this covers everything. Commands covers all basic commands plus a special fun trick. You'll have the best behaved dog in the neighborhood.

 • An Exceptional Barking Chapter, that covers every possible trigger, with exact steps to stop the barking behavior.

 • Perfect weather-care sections for summer and winter. Activity sections for indoor exercise, outdoor exercise, dog park information and alternative activities. 

 • EVERY food and nutrition issue that could affect your Yorkie: Nutrients needed, supplements, exact calories for age and weight, home cooking, comparisons of top brands, finicky eaters, switching foods, which bowls are best, changes for seniors, important water fact section and appetite issues (decreased and increased).

 • A Chapter devoted to obtaining ultimate Yorkie happiness - Traveling, First Aid, Vet Visits and a detailed section on How to Bond with Your Yorkie.

 • 100+ Photos, charts and graphs throughout the book. 

• Newborn Care, Senior Care & EVERYTHING in between. Females, Males, Puppies, Adolescents, Adults, This book truly has it all.

Improvement Seen in Yorkies of All Ages

Those who have this book find themselves saying, "Now I understand!" and "Oh, that's why my Yorkie is doing that!" Training is given in detailed, yet easy to understand ways & an owner can begin any training immediately:

 • Proper Hierarchy
 • Commands
 • Heeling
 • Getting Along with Other Dogs
 • Getting Along with Cats
 • Aggression
 • Severe Aggression
 • Behaving well around a baby
 • Barking -Training for each different reason of barking, including barking at night.
 • Digging
•  Eating Grass
 • Eating Feces
 • EVERY single aspect of housebreaking - What breeders should be doing before you bring your Yorkie home, pee pads, outdoor training, crating, how to deal with accidents, nighttime issues, setting things up for "home alone", training the older Yorkie
  • A HUGE Socialization Chapter: Step-by-step training, covering in DETAIL all aspects: Other dogs, Visitors, Strangers, New Places, New Events. This alone is the equivalent of its own book! (and is just one of the super-wonderful extras that is part of our new-edition book!)
 • Desensitization training for Separation Anxiety 
This is just the training sections!

What Yorkie Owners Are Saying About This Book

" I was really tired of books that claimed to offer breed-specific information, but ended up being another copy that was useless. I thank you for this one-of-the kind Yorkshire Terrier book, your work on this is appreciated" – Charlie Bancroft | Yorkie: Ricco
 "My Yorkshire Terrier was pregnant and this book is so detailed, my nervousness went away. X-rays, perfect guidance. I'm very pleased".- L. Shaw | Yorkie: Maggie
 " I felt that I needed to be closer to my dog and also help him find pleasure in the world, and not just bark at everything. We truly enjoy our outings now! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this book! I did not think a book like this actually existed and I am so happy to have it" – Marissa Tomarly | Yorkie: Winston
 "The book is wonderful and I refer to it all of the time. It seems every time I read it, I find a new section that I missed before. It's huge." – Justin & Carla Lemprolis | Yorkie: Charlie Boo
" Thanks for asking what I thought of the book, because I wanted to say 'Wow!' I had no idea it was so big, when I opened the box, it was like taking out a thick college text book!  I'm very impressed with how chock-full of information it is. By far, beats any book I've ever purchased." – Leanne Perkins | Yorkie: Abbey
" Hands down, the best Yorkshire Terrier book I've had and is placed (when not reading) proudly on my bookshelf, facing out! I also love the photos and charts, it's a great touch! Thanks so much for the offering, I couldn't be happier." – Elise Munkberg | Yorkie: Nikko 
"I am beyond pleased and this book is way more than I ever expected. And while you didn't ask, I have to give my 2 cents that this book should be on Amazon! – Heather R. | Yorkies: Cody, Casie and Cooper
Editor's note:  For now we wish to offer it exclusively here on this site.The book is, however, processed & shipped via Createspace, an Amazon company.
" I'm not sure if words can properly explain how incredible the YorkieInfoCenter book is. I mean, great-Scots, it's really something and every single chapter is so wonderful written and truly helpful."
– Mike Howell | Yorkie: Darius

Why we created this book:

As the writers of the YorkieInfoCenter Book, we feel that we have a deep responsibility to bring all of our combined knowledge to the Yorkshire Terrier owner. Trainers, Animal Behaviorists and other professionals do not give out too much information. This is because they want to keep taking your money, and that is not fair to you. Breeders tend to keep their knowledge close to the vest, which leaves you in the dark. The idea of ALL owners being able to have the needed knowledge regarding Yorkshire Terriers is one of the motivating factors and driving forces that encouraged us to help Yorkie owners by creating this book...And this is our new-edition: now in print too and bigger & more helpful than ever.

This book is for the parent of a Yorkshire Terrier who is tired of reading the same old things and is seeking detailed, factual, helpful information on every topic possible. No "fluff" is added to this book. Our goal was not to write a big book (though it ended up being almost 300 pages), it was to create a resource that offered everything you want and need in one place.

You will find this book very helpful if you answer 'yes' to the following:

  • Are you tired of generic books that don’t really help you?
  • Do you wonder if you’re doing all that you can for your Yorkie’s emotional health?
  • Do you want to understand your Yorkie’s behavior?
  • Do you know that there is so much information out there…but you don’t know where it is or how to obtain it?
If so, this book is the one for you

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