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Homemade Dog Food for Yorkies

Healthy Home Cooking for the Yorkie can only be found here on YorkieInfoCenter, the #1 Yorkshire Terrier Information Site.

Recommended By Vets? - Did you know that any manufactured dog food can legally have the label of "Recommended by Veterinarians" if only 1 vet in the entire country agrees to recommend it? 

Fillers - One of the main differences between high quality and low quality manufactured dog food is the amount of fillers. 

Fillers are empty, useless ingredients which "plump" up the dog food to make it appear as if there is "more to it" and cause your Yorkie to feel full...when in fact he/she is ingesting worthless elements which contain zero nutrients.
It is akin to us eating cardboard. These quickly pass right through your Yorkies' body and come out via the other end. Homemade dog food for Yorkies will not have any of these nasty ingredients.

Behavioral Issues - The behavioral issues of a Yorkie eating grass and/or eating feces can be directly connected to the dog's diet. As the Yorkie is ingesting those fillers found in manufactured food, he or she will feel full, but his or her body will be craving nutrients that the fillers did not contain. This will not happen with homemade dog food for Yorkies.

Allergies - The chemicals found in commercial food is quite staggering. To make it seem appealing to you, they put artificial coloring in it. To trick a dog into eating something that he might otherwise turn his nose at, they put artificial flavoring in it. And to keep that able to last months on end in big warehouses, they pack the food with chemical preservatives. 

These 3 things: coloring, flavoring and preservatives can trigger quite terrible allergies with dogs, especially toy breeds that seem to have a sensitivity to these things. Allergies to these elements can range from dry skin to hot spot sores to feeling fatigued and even losing hair.  

Fake VS Real meat - There are 2 tricks that commercial brands employ to meet mandatory meat protein levels VS home cooking in which you use actual real meat.  The 1st thing that they do, is to use meat by-products. 

These are parts of an animal that the law states are not meant for human consumption. Once all of the real meat is removed, what is left is put into dog food. This includes just about everything you can imagine... hooves, fatty tissue, stomach lining, intestines, ground up bones, lungs, uterus. 

The 2nd thing that they do is to use animals that are not deemed fit for human consumption.  This legally (and admittedly) can be road kill, sick animals, those that die from disease and spoiled grocery meats. These things are 'rendered' and 'cleansed' via boiling at high temperatures over and over. They cook away the water and keep baking the residue. This process makes these 'meats' super high in protein levels. 

For example, a serving of chicken has 18% protein vs a serving of chicken-meal that has 65% protein. So, bagged food can have high protein, but your dog would be eating really disgusting things.  You'll want to avoid feeding your Yorkie any food that has the word 'meal' in it, such as chicken meal or meat meal. If you home cook for your Yorkshire Terrier you'll only be using actual real meat. 

Wheat - It's a bit overstated that dogs are allergic to foods. Most are allergic to the chemicals in food, however there are some that have a sensitivity to wheat. For those that do, this recipe book has some delicious wheat-free meals.

Marketing Confusion- Puppy food, adult food, senior food, pregnancy food...When you home cook for your Yorkie, you do not need to worry about the age of your dog. These recipes fit any Yorkie of any age.

Raw Food Diets - Scientists have traced canines all the way back to 4 specific wolves - amazing! Having originated from wild animals, our fluffy little friends still have the instinct to eat raw meat. For those who wish to see if their Yorkie enjoys a safe, raw food diet, you will have recipes for this as well.

Bland Diets - There will be times when your Yorkie is feeling down, perhaps recovering from a treatment or just having an "off day" and dealing with an upset tummy. For those times, read the recipes for "Upset Tummy Food".

Trust - Your Yorkie trusts you. Our dogs look to us as leaders and protectors. They rely on us to provide food. And they do so with complete trust.  It's sad when an owner places down a dish containing meat-meals, by-products, fillers and chemical flavors, coloring and preservatives.  Therefore a great option is to feed your Yorkie only wholesome foods and nutritious ingredients that your dog's body actually needs.

In Healthy Home Cooking for the Yorkie you will have recipes for:
  • 8 Biscuits - Perfect as a side dish, a reward treat or an any time snack.
  • 7 Healthy Snacks, great any time, but perfect for those occasions when you have company over...why not allow your Yorkie to enjoy a special food too?
  • A perfect and yummy low calorie, low fat meal for those Yorkies (seniors and/or dogs with mobility issues) that need to lose a bit of weight.
  • 5 Teething snacks to ease discomfort while enjoying something yummy
  • 2 Vegetarian meals - To mix things up a bit and offer some diversity to your dog's dinners
  • 4 Hamburg based meals - Perfect in today's economy and so easy to make while you prepare your own dinner
  • 3 Chicken/ Turkey based meals - For excellent health and easy cooking, as most of you already will be cooking chicken for yourselves
  • 4 Fish meals - A great way to provide choices for your Yorkie and especially great for the "picky eater"
  • 4 Lamb based meals - Wonderful recipes your dog will thank you for
  • 2 Liver based recipes - For the flavor dogs can't simply love
  • 3 Italian meals - Should humans be the only ones to enjoy a little taste of Italy? Your Yorkie deserves it too.
  • A great Raw Food recipe for the Yorkie
  • # 1 Recommend Meal for Optimal Health
  •  5 Peanut Butter based meals - These are perfect for those that are teething or have chewing issues. Why? Because that peanut butter is healthy and keeps their mouths busy and that keep a puppy from chewing on things like shoes and pocket books!
  • 8 desserts - For holidays, special occasions or just to show your Yorkie that you care enough to provide dessert
  • A wonderful Yorkie birthday cake recipe, to celebrate their special day
  • 2 Breakfast recipes - There are some dogs that love to eat a different food for breakfast, just as humans do.
  • 3 Wheat-Free treats and meals - For those dogs that do not tolerate wheat
  • 2 recipes for "Upset Tummy" for those times that your Yorkie needs your help keeping down food or recovering from an illness
  • The Ultimate Hypo-Allergenic Meal - To immediately give relief to a dog that has food intolerance or allergies...and then perfectly identify the culprit ingredient.
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