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Buying a Yorkie

Buying a Yorkie

You Only Have 1 Chance to Do it Right

When you are ready to buy a Yorkie puppy, you begin your search want to find the one that makes your heart want a perfect little bundle of only have 1 chance to choose correctly. 

Make the wrong choice, and you could have a puppy and then dog, that has a host of health issues, has behavioral problems and sadly leaves you wondering what in the world went wrong.

The puppy that you choose will be with you for the next 15 years or so as a true member of your family. In addition, you need to know how to protect yourself. Let's discuss some important details...
There are 1000's of people selling puppies, who are hoping that you are not reading this right now. In fact, they are downright praying that you're not ! Many do not want you to know how to buy a Yorkie.

Please note: The following is Insider's Information. It is information that 1000's of puppy sellers hope you have no idea about, in fact they count on you not knowing.

Believing that you do not have this knowledge helps them sell of puppies that are:
  • Unhealthy, with health issues that are not covered in health are on your own.
  • Not socialized in order to be a great family companion
  • Over-priced
  •     ...or do not even exist, as they put up puppy photos of dogs they do not have or take several deposits on 1 pup
And this leaves you:
  • Ripped off
  • Confused about the sale & your legal rights
  • With a very sick puppy and a health contract that does not cover the issues
  • A pile of vet bills
  •  ... or with one that needs years of behavioral training to fit in with your family
Let us tell you what really goes on during puppy sales...this is what you need to know:
  • How to know if a breeder is actually manipulating you & pushing a certain puppy onto you (most people never have a clue!)
  • Exactly how to spot a healthy puppy & have a check off list so that you do not forget anything
  • Questions you really should be asking
  • How to choose the right puppy if you wish to breed
  • Exactly how to know which puppy in the litter will really make the best pet
  • The 1 & only way to know a puppy exists if you are buying over the Internet
  • How to purchase a puppy in-person from start to finish - complete with checklists
  • How to handle your Internet purchase from start to finish- complete with checklists and list out exactly what to say for each type of phone call.
  • How to protect yourself regarding puppy Health Guarantees and Puppy Contracts
  • What you must know about shipping
  • The hidden signs that a breeder is only out for your money (& does not really care about you or the puppy)
  • Knowing what type of registration you really want
  • Do you need AKC papers?
  • The 1 "Give-A-Way" that you are actually dealing with a Backyard Breeder or Puppy Mill disguised as a small home breeder and a complete detailed list of what breeders do to pull you in (This is information only a breeder can tell you and we have this for you)
  • Exactly & quickly knowing how to spot a puppy who has been neglected by the seller, but made to look happy & well socialized to "make the sale"
  • What must be in a Puppy Contract - for your protection
  • What must be in a Health Guarantee for your protection
  • Knowing what is genetic defects & what is not legally genetic defects - know your legal rights!
To sum it up, these are the things you must know before purchasing a Yorkshire Terrier puppy!
The process of choosing your canine family member should be a happy time. But without a clear guideline, it can end up being frustrating and even sad at times. You don't have to feel alone when you buy a Yorkie... 

And you don't have to have that terrible feeling in your gut... like you're about to make a big mistake...It's common to feel this way when you are making a huge decision but aren't fully sure it you did everything right...

Our guidelines will take you through every step of the buying process....And the goal will be to have a dog that you are proud of... happy, healthy and a perfect companion.
Being " Insiders", we have all of this "Insider Information" for you. This is in an easy-to-read format, which quickly and safely downloads onto your computer, tablet or phone in about 30 seconds.
buying Yorkie puppy guide
Insider's Information - What You Must Know Before Purchasing a Puppy

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